Simon Rickards

Simon studied film-making and has worked in television and film for a number of years, at Cineworld, Arqiva, BBC and Sky TV.  He has a passion for all kinds of cinema, particularly social realism and drama.  He established Godiva Films in 2005 - he is the driving force behind Godiva's aim to continue to make films of superior quality.  With Godiva, he has written and directed a number of shorts and documentaries and produced every film and documentary, collaborating with a number of talented and dedicated people, many of whom continue to be part of Godiva Films.

Niti Sidpra

Niti is a key member of Godiva, providing core management and leadership to the group, alongside Simon.  She is instrumental in delivering the film 'on the ground' and oversees the end-to-end film-making process for each production.

Annie Power

Annie is an original member of Godiva and has a long track record in writing for theatre and film, securing numerous awards.  She has also worked on Godiva films as a director, editor, casting director and production assistant.

Mike Nekrasov

Mike worked on the short film 'Sorry' as cinematographer and steady-cam operator.   His photographic and cinematography expertise can be seen on a number of Godiva's short films and he acted as director of photographer on the feature film.

Sophie Marchant

Sophie has recorded and shaped the sound design for the majority of Godiva's short films to date, most notably the 'foley' and SFX work on 'Eve'.  She led the sound department team on the feature film.

Yiwen He

Yiwen is part of the Godiva publicity and social media department, working as photographer on the feature film, while managing the news feeds about its production and exhibition.

Layla Romic

Layla has been integral to the success of many short films made by the collective, working as a camera assistant and 2nd AD and brought her skills to the shooting of the feature film.

April Walker

April wrote the haunting social realist drama 'Repost' and was part of the art department team on the feature film.

Cris Fells

Cris is part of the sound department team, who joined us for the Christmas 2016 shorts and provided his experience on the feature film.

Vicente Torres

Vicente was originally a production assistant but moved to the art department, working on 'Eve' and as special effects designer on 'Sorry', as well as on the feature film.

Hannah Brown

Hannah is a very talented make-up artist that has provided some of the finest 'scare' moments in 'The Other One' and 'Be Nice' as well as the make-up for the feature film. 

Hayley Everitt

Hayley is a designer and special effects artist and also directed the comedy short 'I'm on a Date'.

Darran Porter

Darran has worked on a number of shorts as camera operator and lighting.

Augusto da Rocha

Augusto has supported Godiva as an assistant producer on a number of early shorts, including 'Retreat' in 2010.

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