Godiva films is a UK based film production company, founded in 2005 by Simon Rickards during the making of the short film Retreat.


The company's mission is to make entertaining, exciting and intelligent films that will appeal to all types of film, television and online media audiences.


In early 2016, Godiva Films enabled a variety of film makers to come together to share their talents and ideas.  To date a number of short films and documentaries have been made, all of which can be viewed in the filmography section of this website.


Godiva Films is always ambitious, with several more short films and documentary projects in development and planned for the next year.  We have also completed the shooting of our first feature film British Made which was release in 2019.


Please subscribe to one of our social media sites to keep up-to-date on all the exciting news and up-coming events - we are on Twitter. Instagram, Facebook and Youtube as well as Vimeo - just use 'Godiva Films' to find us.  You can also use our contact page for details on how to work with us.

On set for the feature film 'British Made' (2018)